How to Find New Smileys on Kik Messenger Online?

Kik Messenger is a highly interactive instant messaging platform that has become popular among teenagers, especially in the US. The engaging features and new trends make it one of the biggest contenders in the IM market. The app has greatly evolved and improved since it was launched back in 2010, which has been a driving force behind its success.

Users like new things and surprises, and Kik Messenger keeps the fun alive by adding new and exciting features. Kik not only allows you to chat with friends in real time, you can also send images, videos, voice messages and do lots more. There are many ways to add more fun and effect to your text messages and the perhaps the most basic feature is “Smileys”.

Just like in all other messenger services like Skype, Yahoo! Messenger or Facebook Messenger, Kik also has its own set of standard smileys that helps users express themselves better. When words escape you, smileys are the best bet as they say so much more than words can ever describe.

Besides the basic smileys already present in the app, do you know that there are ways to find new interesting smileys as well? If that interests you, then read on how to find new smileys on Kik Messenger online.

how to find new smileys on kik messenger

How to Find New Smileys on Kik App?

To find new smileys and emojis, you will need to buy some from the Smiley Shop. There are new and exciting smileys waiting to be discovered and explored in the Smiley Locker. Below you will find the steps to help you find new smileys on Kik Messenger online.

  • Launch the Kik Messenger app on your smartphone.
  • Choose a contact from the main chat list by tapping on the name. It will open up a window where you can type the text.
  • To find new smileys to add, go to the Smiley Shop.
  • Now, tap the locker icon that you will find in the top right corner of the homescreen.
  • Choose the smiley you want from the list and tap on the one you wish to send.
  • Enter the smiley in your text or if you want to directly send the smiley to your friend, tap on the chat contact to send the smiley.
  • Tap on the “Send” button.

find new smileys on kik app

Smileys have been an integral part of Kik and in 2015, the developers realized that the smileys are a craze among the users. Hence, they enabled the users to create their own unique smileys. So, if a user wants to express his deep felt emotions through smileys and there’s not a perfect one available in the list, he can design his own and submit it on the Kik site for approval. If the smiley is selected by the app makers, it will be featured with recognition for you.

In 2016, the Kik makers added a Smiley Locker to their messaging app which enables users to share, store and measure the Kik content. The Locker tells you how rare and precious your new smileys are. It also gives you easy access to the new and unseen smileys to gift them to someone special.

If you want surprise your bestie or make someone’s day, you know what to do. Send them a new smiley on Kik Messenger! I hope that you now have a better understanding on how to find new smileys on Kik app and you won’t find any difficulties in using it or creating new ones.

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